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The story of Haldane Developments and what happened...

Persons involved

Alasdair Scott.

Born 1959. Before joining Howden, Alasdair had graduated from Glasgow University with a BSc in aeronautical engineering. He later gained a European engineering qualification, Eur.Ing. confirming his considerable capabilities. Alasdair was skilled in design engineering with a comprehensive understanding of CAD systems. Alasdair also had excellent practical skills in welding and metal processing. An active member of the Scottish Sporting Car Club, Alasdair had built a Dutton and competed in various events. After 1994 Alasdair went to Lotus.

David Haldane.

Owner of a family business in Glasgow and long-time friend of Brian Harrison, David brought initial finance and financial management, to the company. David's business interests included Bus Tour operation, Service Stations, two car dealerships and a motor spares company. He was also an active member of the Scottish Motor Traders Association.

It should be noted with deep regret, that shortly after the closure of Haldane Developments in 1994, David Haldane and his wife lost their lives in a drowning accident, whilst trying to rescue a friend in the sea off Paphos, Cyprus.

Brian Harrison.

Brian was employed in industry and his own companies for over 35 years, primarily focused on Product Development Management taking products from basic concept, through market analysis, prototyping, costing, manufacturing to market launch. Although having no formal qualifications Brian had an in-depth understanding of engineering and composite structures.


1962: Re-built a 50's Rochdale kitcar employing Ford Popular components.

1964: Purchased an Austin-Healey "Frog-eye" which he modified to 'Sebring' style with fibreglass panels and Aquaplane engine components. Also at this time met neighbour and fellow Sprite owner John Alexander, who had prestige car and F2 race team experience and was working as a service engineer in a Haldane service station.

1967-74: With the support of David Haldane, Brian and John built a Mini-Marcos for circuit racing, sprints and hill climbs. This achieved considerable success and the pair graduated to single-seater racing culminating in the development of a Vixen VB5 with a Minnow-Fish turbo system on a heavily modified 998cc Imp engine.
This car was "ridiculously quick" and had a power to weight ratio approaching that of an F2. Brian won the Scottish F. Libre Championship, up to 1600cc class with this car in 1974. Also at this time he was test driving sports and single-seat cars for other teams.

1975: With more family and business responsibilities, Brian retired from racing in 1975 and took up something less expensive and less dangerous...... Hang-Gliding!

1975-1982: Active pioneer in Ultralight aviation, resigning employment to form his own company, Eurowing, which had a production unit in East Kilbride and manufactured over 360 hang gliders and 70 composite structure ultralights. This company received financial support from the Scottish Dev. Agency and East Kilbride Dev. Corp. and actively exported to dealers throughout Europe and Scandinavia.
Introduced the first power unit to hang-gliders and was a founder member and 1st Safety Officer of the British Microlight Aircraft Association

1982: Sold Eurowing assets to Metalfax in Suffolk and helped them achieve production of the company's Shadow aircraft. David Haldane bought one.

1983: Worked in California on composite aircraft developments and the repair of wind turbine blades damaged in transit from Denmark to California.

1984: Joined the Wind Turbine Division of the Howden Group in Glasgow as an Export Sales Manager and also had consultant/management duties in the composite production of wind turbine blades, inshore rescue craft and bobsleigh shells.

1987: With Howden fellow employee Alasdair Scott formed Haldane Developments. Initially they were working on a part-time basis.

From 1994 onwards:
Started another project in on-board data acquisition for race karts and motorbikes. His subsequent involvements have included ultra light motor gliders and products for the music industry.

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