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When I bought the car I knew the windscreen was messed about with. This was the main problem with this car, how could this be put right? Surely new windscreen pillars for a Haldane were not easy to find. I found out that they were not Austin Healey 100 items. They were cast in one piece, no option to fold the screen down. I also needed new sections for the side of the frame and a new windscreen glass.
The lowered windscreen...

I was lucky to find a set of used windscreen pillars en frame sections. I also ordered a new windscreen glass and a frame and softtop. This can all be bought new. Prices aren't that bad...

Pillars Screen_Foots
Used windscreen pillars and still on the shopping list: Foots for the screen that will go on to the wings. Update: I now have found a used set of these foots.

Stanchions1 Stanchions2
Dismantled stanchions and siderails for the glass. Chopped unfortunately. This is a typical Haldane part I was told.

I made the sections for the pillars that are bolted under the body myself. I also rebuilt the frame for the windscreen-glass and trial fitted it all several times before I was able to bolt everything up. The windscreen can now be folded down. I only need the foots that should be bolted to the windscreen when folded down.
NewScreen1 Newscreen2
Windscreen taking shape. Nearly there.

Getting the hood fitted wasn't easy. There were no pre fabricated points to fit it. I had to make up brackets myself and fit them to the car. Other things to fit the frame and hood were pretty straightforward. I also found second hand seats (from a Sprite or Midget I think) with fold down backrests. This so I can fold the hood and frame behind the seats.

I can now drive my car no matter what the wheather will be.
All is well that ends well: one Haldane Mk I with full wheather gear! Sidescreens?

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