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When I bought the car I knew the wiring was not in a good shape. Things were not earthed correctly. Sometimes the indicators worked and sometimes they didn't. The petrol gauge showed a full tank all the time and the headlamps were doing the job of the indicators. When the hornswitched was pushed the wipers came on.
Haldane wiring1 Haldane wiring2
The wiring was like this.....

I have removed numerous unused wires from the wiring loom. Made all new soldered connections and made sure everything was earthed correctly. I also taped the wiring loom with period "cloth-like" tape. I also fitted a main switch in a hidden place. Not only wise for any car with GRP bodywork but also for joy-riders.

Haldane wiring3 Haldane wiring4
More or less decent wiring....

Everything now works! What a difference that makes with a car: dependable working electrics. I'm pleased.
All is well that ends well: one Haldane Mk I with correct working electrics!

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