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I have always thought the Healey 100 cockpit surround to be a very nice detail on this car. It is a 4-piece set made out of aluminium profile. Front, rear and a profile for each door. I came across a used set and snapped it up.
As soon as I got home I tried them if they would fit. No, not exactly. They needed to be bent in some places in order to fit correctly around the bodywork.
Example SecondHandSet
Cockpit surround example and the second-hand set I picked up.

I did spent quite some time to get a good fit on these profiles, particularly the rear one. They do fit well now but it wasn't easy. Next was sanding and polishing. This was even more work but well worth the trouble.
I was told that they should be anodised but I am not sure if I will do this. I will wait and see if they will decay in time. Most "anodising" company's will not handle items from private persons. They only work for company's, so for now I will not bother.
TrimDetail1 TrimDetail2
This is a used set, almost 60 years old and still out there to be found! That is really amazing! It does need some sanding and polishing. I used different grades of sanding paper and finally sanded them with wet and dry paper.

TrimDetail3 TrimDetail4
Not bad after three hours work.... I will continue with this process and will try to get them to look even better. On the look out for the correct bolts to fit them. To be continued....

Well, in the meantime I had to spent another day bending these profiles to obtain the best fitment for them. I also spent another four hours polishing them. Finally they could be fitted to the car. I also improved the upholstery for the doors. They were far too big, both doors could not be closed properly with them so I initially removed them. I took off the vinyl covering and padding and reshaped the hardboard so they would fit exactly in the door apertures. I also used special bolts to mount them (I think they are called "coach bolts"). Much better!
TrimDetail1 TrimDetail2
Interior taking shape....

TrimDetail1 TrimDetail2
Details of the cockpit surround...

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