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Besides a decent windscreen and softtop I also needed sidescreens. I managed to find a pair of used but very tatty sidescreens. I dismantled them and bought 3 metres of U-shape aluminium profile and a piece of perspex sheet. I was able to fold the U-shape profile along the steel frame of the sidescreens and trial fitted them. I made the perspex to fit the aperture and then riveted the U-shape profile and perspex in place. The perspex was then kitted with black glass silicone sealant.
OldSidescreens NewSidescreens
Old and new sidescreens.

I took measurements from the dowels on the sidescreen so that I could make the sockets for the doors. In fact: my father made them with the golden rule for me: drawing in = products out.
Sockets Position
Home made fabricated sockets and drawing from Haldane manual.

The sockets will be screwed into blocks of wood inside the door. I will have to make these blocks of wood by deploying the "cut and shut" method.
I will have to be brave when I drill the holes in the doors for these sockets.
I think the sidescreens came together well. I will now have to make a solution to be able to open the door from the inside of the car when hood is up and sidescreens are in place. This car has no outer door handles! Getting out is easy, getting in is another matter.

All is well that ends well: no Haldane badges available so I have used random other badges.

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