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Welcome to this website. My name is Peter Aardoom, I live in the Netherlands and I own a Haldane HD-100 Mk I. In 2013 I did a partial restoration and conversion to LHD.

In 2014 I tried to find out the story behind the Haldane cars. Haldane did not stamp serialnumbers on its chassis. However, upon dismantling I found a number on the front crossmember of the chassis (between grille and radiator) in blue paint, number: 008. When I managed to get in contact with founder Brian Harrison I received a lot of photographs from him. Among these photographs there were pictures of chassisnumber 008. These pictures were taken when this car left the factory as a kit to be delivered to Alexander Anderson. From the pictures I could also conclude that specific damage on the radiator was in the exact same places as on my radiator and I could also trace back the original color of the car when I dismantled the hinges of the doors. My chassis had been galvanised and it is really in a remarkable good condition (no welding needed, wow!).

In 2015 the entire suspension has been restored with all new bearings, bushes, brake lines and brake components. On the rear axle the nut on the pinion shaft worked itself loose and locked up the rear wheels while doing 60+ kmph. Dangerous car but fun! In order to pass the APK (MOT) the wire wheels had to go because the central spinners were too wide for the bodywork.

Fred Pickering would like to get in contact with the current owner of the Haldane MkII with registration Q235MPU. Fred originally built this car and would like to see it again.
Send me an e-mail and I will forward.

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Any remarks, comments and information can be sent to Peter Aardoom

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