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The story of Haldane Developments and what happened...

This is the "official" history of Haldane Developments. Finding material about the history behind the Haldane HD-100 and Haldane HD-300 cars was difficult until I managed to get in contact with Brian Harrison, founder and general manager of Haldane Developments.

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At the time this history was written Brian had already reached the age of 75 but it appeared that he was still having a very active (business) life. The history of Haldane Developments spans a hectic six years and a lot of information about this period was kindly supplied by Brian.

Haldane Developments started out as a kitcar manufacturer but at some point in time attracted the attention of investors. Before they knew it Haldane was busy achieving Type Approval for their cars and establishing a complete manufacturing and assembly facility. However just as these goals were reached and the first six production cars were being assembled, the company ran out of money. While discussions were in progress with local interested companies who considered returning Haldane to kitcar manufacture, the liquidator sold the company on receipt of a cash offer from Pilgrim. It was suddenly out of their hands.....

However, the product that they created still lives on. Besides the fact that the existing cars are cared for by their owners, the product "lives" on in the form of the moulds and chassis jigs. At the time of writing the moulds and jigs now owned by Pilgrim are for sale. Therefore it might be possible that this car will be recreated at some point in this space!

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Paperwork regarding production figures and chassis numbers issued is not available.

Brian Harrison: "I've been trying to remember just how many of each model we produced. All the records were in the office and Pilgrim should have received all the files, accounts and drawings. As the Managing Director I should know but simply can't remember! At a GUESS I'd say 20x Mk1 Chevette based, 30xMk 2 100M's and 15x Mk2 300's. Certainly I don't think we sold a total of more than 70 kits/cars."
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