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The story of Haldane Developments and what happened...

Production at East Kilbride
By 1992 the project, complete with Alasdair's new rolling chassis design was creating a high level of interest and, with a healthy demand, it was in need of development finance to grow the company. Brian Harrison produced a comprehensive business plan and substantial investment was attracted from both institutional and private investors. This allowed the company to move to much larger premises in East Kilbride and also set up its own composites production under the management of Trevor Lewis who was skilled in the production of plugs, moulds and high quality finished body shells. Trevor became a major asset to the company and developed the HD-300 moulds from the original 100/4.

Bodyshop1 Bodyshop2

Bodyshop1 Bodyshop2
Body shop, East Kilbride, with Trevor Lewis as production manager.

Basically both HD-100 and HD-300 cars used the same moulds only the front and bonnet moulds were different and interchangeable. Trevor Lewis later went to become the body expert for TVR.

Plant1 Plant2

Plant1 Plant2
Very clean and organized production plant at East Kilbride. At least six cars under construction.

During this transition the company continued to receive a steady flow of orders for both 100 and 300 kits.

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